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An OEM Board for direct sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net to RGB/RGBW pixel strip/array control. No longer do you need sACN/Art-Net -> DMX512 -> Pixel driver. Eliminate the DMX512 conversion using our LeDMX4 PRO and go direct sACN/Art-Net -> Pixel. Compact and feature packed you'll find it easy to design into your applications with the ability to scale as big as you like whilst keeping everything synchronized. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards LeDMX4 PRO is a professional product you can rely on backed by our world renowned after sales support.

Firmware v2.6 LeDMX4 PRO now offers ArtNet/sACN stream merging and sACN Priority overrides giving end users the ability to bring the best of different lighting control systems and media servers together seemlessly. No other pixel controller offers such flexibility.

Firmware v3.0+ LeDMX4 PRO includes show recording and playback from microSD card complete with sACN Priority override from an external source during playback providing many possibly use scenarios. Trigger show playback via Art-Net, sACN, DMX-IN Port and external contact closure.

Firmware v3.3+ LeDMX4 PRO now features a Master Level control to dim pixels independent of control source DMX streams.

Main Features

  • Static IP or DHCP network addressing.
  • OEM board for integration into your designs.
  • DIN rail mount possible with DIN clip accessory.
  • 4 Independent outputs each with 5A supply capability.
  • 1x DMX512 IN/OUT port.
  • Directly drives WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2813, WS2815, WS2822S, UCS1903, UCS2903, UCS2912, UCS8903, UCS8904, PL9823, TM1934, APA101, SK9822, APA102, APA104, APA106, INK1002, INK1003, SM16703, SK6812, WS2801, LPD6803, LPD8806, DMX512-P, P9813, GS8208, TM1814, TM1914A, TLS3001, SK9822, WS2821A and many more compatible LED strips.
  • Selectable clock/data rate to suit long cables or fast output.
  • Up to 680 RGB pixels or 512 RGBW pixels per output spanning 4 DMX universes (2720 RGB pixels / 16 universes per board).
  • Up to 340 16bit RGB pixels or 256 16bit RGBW pixels per output. Requires firmware 3.3+
  • Automatic RGB / RGBW order correction and additional pixel re-mapping features.
  • Per pixel intensity control for APA102/SK9822 utilizing the 5bit current pre-regulator. Requires firmware 3.3+
  • Master Level control independent of incoming universe streams. Requires firmware 3.3+
  • Flexible Full Mapping option for outputs permitting any start address and zig-zag corrections for RGB, RGB16, RGBW and RGBW16 pixel types..
  • Null pixel support for longer runs to first active pixel.
  • Static IP or DHCP network addressing.
  • Art-Net broadcast, Art-Net II, 3 & 4 unicast, sACN/E1.31 Multicast and sACN Unicast support.
  • Universe Sync Art-Net, sACN and Madrix Post Sync.
  • Fully compatible with *ALL* software and hardware that supports Art-Net I, II, 3 & 4 and sACN/E1.31 protocols.
  • Fully compatible with lighting consoles capable of generating Art-Net or sACN protocol.
  • HTP Merging of 2 sources and sACN Priority for a highly flexible multi-source pixel mapping solution.
  • DMX512 OUT/IN port usable for pixel mapping source along with ArtNet/sACN.
  • Configuration utility with basic Art-Net output/input test functionality.
  • Recording and playback to microSD card (not included). See eDMX PRO Record / Playback manual.
  • Standalone show playback without computer or network connection. External trigger input.
  • Firmware updates can be performed by end user.
  • Supported operating systems: Any with Ethernet networking support. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.
Firmware versions - We recommend you use the latest version!
Version Description Filename
2.2 -Initial firmware release. 0106-500-2.2.enc
2.3 -Split AP104 from WS281x for timing optimization. Corrected timing issue with ports 1&2. 0106-500-2.3.enc
2.4 -Relaxed Art-Net protocol version check to account for Arkaos byte order error. 0106-500-2.4.enc
2.6 -ArtNet 4 support, IGMP report fix, DMX Port A usable for pixel output source and sync universe, Snapshot Port A useable for pixel output, Full Mapping mode enhancements, PIxel output engine improvements, HTP Merging for pixel outputs. 0106-500-2.6.enc
3.0* -Record playback added, RDM enhancements, Universe Sync, IGMP report when universe change + unsolicited option, DMX IN Single IP. *Highly recommend update to v3.1 0106-500-3.0.enc
3.1 Maximum 4 universes mapped to each pixel output 680 RGB, ArtNet 4 all pixel universes reported, NodeReport messages, External trigger port added, RGBW support, Additional pixel types, Auto-universe usage based on pixel configuration, ArtAddress configuration of pixel universes, Zero pixel length issues eliminated, Dynamic IGMP reporting based on current port configurations. 0106-500-3.1.enc
3.3 Record/playback enhancements, up/down show trigger limited to consecutive range, individual show scripts, tftp delete function, pixel output master level control, APA102C Intensity+XXX 4ch mapping, sACN multicast playback, fixed bug with DMX IN pixel control without network, blackout show255 defined, UCS8903/UCS8904 16bit RGB/RGBW pixel support. 0106-500-3.3.enc
3.5 CR+LF no longer required on last script line, Extend full mapping to RGBW RGB16 RGBW16 color mappings over 4 universes, Pixel Group Size 255 means all pixels regardless of Pixel Count, Automatic blanking of pixel outputs upon power up. 0106-500-3.5.enc
3.6 WS2822S/DMX512-P pixel support. Master Level channel configurable. External trigger Up behavior loops back to show001 when next is non-existent. Playback groups of 10 shows option added for triggering multiple units independently from same trigger universe. 0106-500-3.6.enc
3.7 DMXworkshop excess ArtPoll bytes accepted, Full frame DMX512 option DMX-IN & DMX-OUT, Broadcast ArtNet playback over network, ArtPollReply includes UID report, ArtNet fail safe modes, NTP time sync and time zone with DST, DMX-IN & DMX-OUT re-mapping channel offset, Timeout all sources for DMX-IN, sACN CID fix for multiple DMX-IN ports on same universe, sACN Universe Sync enhancements, Recording from DMX-IN sources, Default Gateway added to ArtIpProg, Numerous Record/playback enhancements (see eDMX Recorder manual), Alternate pixel mapping option. 0106-500-3.7.enc
3.8 ArtPollReply message excess byte trimmed, Volume label report, End of show playback timing for improved show looping. 0106-500-3.8.enc
3.9 Improved merge source handling at end of show playback for seamless looping with merge. Master script final show entry now checks individual show script. Added TM1814 and TLS3001 pixel types. 0106-500-3.9.enc
3.10 ArtPoll handling fix for Madrix. 0106-500-3.10.enc
3.11 Alternate ArtNet port added. NTP time sync at startup increased attempts. DMX-OUT Channel offset with Full Frame option now correctly handled. RDM Discovery message PortID corrected. RDM message length error corrected. 0106-500-3.11.enc
3.12 RDM functionality where physical ports have same universe allocated. YAML configuration file load from SD card. ArtNet universe data accepted from alternate ArtNet port alongside standard ArtNet port. Added P9813 and GS8208 pixel types. 0106-500-3.12.enc
3.13 CRON run option to delay start until NTP response. Special feature request for 24hr long show skip ahead to current time upon start. Snapshot scene load/update from SD card upon startup. Snapshot write to SD card file. Added TM1914A pixel type 0106-500-3.13.enc