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Out of production - Replaced by eDMX4 PRO

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Need more universes? eDMX4 is the answer you've been looking for. Built tough with plenty of mounting options the eDMX4 fits nicely in your lighting rig by simplifying cable runs and eliminating the need for DMX distribution amplifiers/splitters. Mount an eDMX4 closer to the rig and run Ethernet cable back to the controller and better still power the eDMX4 right back at the controller up to 70m / 210feet away using Power over Ethernet.

Supporting both DMX512 output (TX and RDM variant) and DMX512 input (only on RDM variant) individually configurable on each channel along with Art-Net and sACN protocols the eDMX4 is an ideal choice for universe hungry lighting rigs. Flexible configuration permits 2 input DMX merge functionality too. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards. *NEW* Rack Mount option available now.


You need either a PoE network switch or PoE power injector to power this product!

Main Features

  • Supported operating systems: Any with Ethernet networking support. Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android....
  • eDMX4 TX - 4x DMX512 Out. Art-Net and sACN E1.31
  • eDMX4 RDM - 4x DMX512 Out or DMX512 In with E1.20 RDM support
  • Merge 2 incoming Art-Net streams per output channel with both HTP and LTP options
  • Merge Art-Net + DMX input -> DMX output(s)
  • Merge 2x DMX input -> DMX output(s)
  • Tough metal enclosure with multiple mounting options including 19" rack mount.
  • Available with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR socket, no adapter purchase required.
  • Power over Ethernet 802.3af compliant and etherCON for network connection.
  • E1.11 Higher Protection Level “DMX512-A Protected” device.
  • Fully compatible with *ALL* software and hardware that supports Art-Net I, II & 3 and sACN protocols.
  • Configuration utility with basic Art-Net output/input test functionality.
  • Firmware updates can be performed by end user.
Firmware versions - We recommend you use the latest version!
Version Description Filename
2.0 -Initial firmware release. 0083-500-2.0.enc
2.1 -Device Naming supported. Increased Break and MAB timing. 0083-500-2.1.enc
2.3 -ArtNet III support. RDM over Art-Net. Internal merge sources. 0083-500-2.3.enc
2.4 -sACN/E1.31 protocol added. Broadcast 40+ universes. 0083-500-2.4.enc
2.5 -Support for eDMX DIN product. 0083-500-2.5.enc
2.6 -Support for eDMX DIN v3 hardware 0083-500-2.6.enc
2.7 -sACN Priority override. DMX512 snapshot & recall. 0083-500-2.7.enc
*If you own the earlier eDMX4 hardware platform 0083-1.0 there are firmware releases available to the latest versions above.